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Paying tribute but moving forward.

Recent disruptions in accounting and tax fields has left the industry in need of transformation.


Here at RubiTax, we believe in keeping with cutting-edge solutions so that everyone’s lives are easier, because who wouldn’t want to save time and money, right? Our goal is to do just that by offering an easy to use, fully integrable platform with security, privacy and transparency at the core of our values.
 We are streamlining the finance industry and are making life easier for everyone involved.

Our why
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Our clients,
the apple of our eye,
the who behind
our why

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We've built the platform with first-hand experience of industry pain-points, having been part of various global finance departments from multiple industries for several years ourselves. So, we’ve considered all the angles and put a big “x marks the spot” on any opportunities and secrets we’ve uncovered.

Understanding our clients is at the centre of all that we do - from our goal of digitally transforming finance departments, to the roadmap that keeps our management, product, development, sales and support teams chomping at the bit to produce our product


We’ve narrowed down RubiTax’s four tenets for digital transformation.


Accurately interpreted data

We consolidate and interpret all data from multiple data sources which are then structured for a better understanding of your accounting and tax issues. Our main goal in this step is to keep your data integrity, completeness and accuracy.

Effective processes

All processes are centralised in order to highlight any variations. We conduct a process discovery and conformance analysis to produce efficient and compliant processes across your finance department.

Compliance and regulation

The platform takes both global and local standards of compliance and regulation into consideration to assist your finance department in solving accounting and tax complexities. Keep your knowledge up to-to-date to remain compliant.

Digital filings

Our PaaS solution integrates advanced technology, regulation and client circumstances to promote your finance department’s talent while giving you oversight and control so you can mitigate exposure and discover opportunities.

Our managment
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Meet the management


Ziv Sabag

Founder and CEO

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Ziv is a certified accountant and lawyer with broad technological experience. He has 7 years experience in Israeli and international taxation at the Big4 accounting firms & in top Israeli lawyer offices, and 3 years in tax technology and digital transformation in large enterprises, MNEs and SMEs. His focus has been within the realm of design, development, implementation and management of advanced technologies, improvement and transformation of business, accounting and tax processes.  

Our partners
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