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Privacy Policy

This policy is an integral part of the Website Terms of Use (link:


  1. In establishing and operating the Website, considerations relating to the privacy and security of Users have been equally taken into account along with the content and services supplied by the Website.

  2. The Website has a policy of honoring and protecting the privacy of Users. RUBIXTAX shall refrain from forwarding personal data collected with respect to Users, if and to the extent that this is collected. Notwithstanding this, upon the occurrence of one of the instances set out hereunder, RUBIXTAX may, but is not obligated to, forward the aforementioned data in part or in full:

  3. In the event of a breach of the Terms of Use and/or carrying out and/or attempt to carry out a prima facie violation of the provisions of any law or contract.

  4. Pursuant to the provisions of any law that obligates RUBIXTAX to provide such data or part thereof to any third party.

  5. In the event of a dispute, disagreement or any legal or quasi legal proceeding between the User and RUBIXTAX;

  6. In the event that RUBIXTAX believes that this may prevent serious harm to the User, his life, his health or property, and any damage as aforementioned to any third party.

  7. In the event that the activities of RUBIXTAX and/or the Website are transferred to another entity, RUBIXTAX shall be permitted to provide all the data in its possession to the other entity that shall operate the Website, provided that such other entity accepts upon itself the provisions of privacy contained herein.

  8. The above reservation of rights shall not impose upon RUBIXTAX an obligation to report or provide data to any party, and no person shall have any claim or suit against RUBIXTAX flowing the transfer or provision of data or the non- transfer or non-provision thereof.

  9. IP addresses and cookies: The Website permanently collects details concerning the use thereof, such as - date, time, type of web browser, type of operating system, IP addresses of visitors to the Website and address of the referring page. These details are collected for internal purposes. This data is kept for various purposes, such as - system management, balancing the load on the Website server, issuing of statistical reports, and the locating of User details in exceptional circumstances as aforementioned. The IP addresses are not associated with personal identifying details on RUBIXTAX servers. Most web browsers allow cookies as a default. You have the option of reconfiguring your Web browser such that it will refuse to accept cookies or to configure it so that it will indicate when cookies are sent to your device. Please note: Some of the applications on the Website will not function properly on a device that blocks cookies.

  10. RUBIXTAX may cooperate with third parties who might be responsible for some of the Content on the Website. Cookies may periodically be sent to your device from these third parties. RUBIXTAX has no control over such cookies. Sending of cookies by third parties is a standard practice in the internet industry.


Take note! - Various activities and services within the framework of the Website may include further specific terms of privacy. Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, the further terms of use shall apply in addition to this Privacy Policy.

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